Wardie Primary School – Start & Finish Times and Muster Points August 18th 2021

Please note, the times below are subject to change as restrictions change. Any changes will be communicated in advance. Please try drop off 5 minutes before start times and be on time to pick up. This helps with the volume of adults gathering. Please only have one adult dropping off or picking up. This helps reduce adult numbers in the area.

Class NameStart Time & Area P3-7 to enter school without parent via the Main Gate and make way to muster pointHome Time & Area
P1N– Mrs Dixon/Mrs Newell8.45am Field area small gate2.50pm (12.10pm Friday) Field area small gate
P1K – Mrs Kyles9am Field area Small gate3.05pm (12.25pm Friday) Field area small gate
P2S – Mrs Satterthwaite8.45am Field area big gate2.50pm (12.10pm Friday) Field area big gate
P2K – Mrs Kassime9am Field area big gate3.05pm (12.25pm Friday) Field area big gate
P3L – Mrs Good/Mr Leask9am Main Play 73.25pm (Friday 12.15) Main school gate (R)
P3C – Mrs Curr8.45am Main Play 83.10pm (Friday 12.00) Main school gate (L)
P3/4E – Miss Cownie8.45am Middle unit door3.10pm (Friday 12.00) Main school gate (R)
P4S – Miss Stevens9am Red unit side door (P7end)3.25pm (Friday 12.15) Main school gate (L)
P4F – Miss Fitzgerald8.45am DHT office window3.10pm (Friday 12.00) Main school Gate (single Gate)
P5M – Ms McCutcheon8.45am Main Play 43.10pm (Friday 12.00) Main school gate (R)
P5C – Mr Cadman9am Area 33.25pm (Friday 12.15) Main school Gate (single Gate)
P5N – Miss Nimmo8.45am Area 23.10pm (Friday 12.00) Main school gate (L)
P6M – Ms McFarland/Mrs Milligan8.45am Area 63.10pm (Friday 12.00) Field area small gate
P6L – Mr Little9am Area 93.25pm (Friday 12.15) Field area big gate
P6W – Mrs Webster8.45am Area 53.10pm (Friday 12.00) Field area small gate
P7B Mrs Burgess8.45am Area 13.10pm (Friday 12.00) Field area big gate
P7G – Mrs Guy/Mrs Crovetti9am Area 133.25pm (Friday 12.15) Field area big gate
P7H – Mr Harrison9am Area 143.25pm (Friday 12.15) Field area big gate

Please ensure all adults are at least 1M distanced and wearing face masks (unless exempt) at drop off and pick up times. We would ask that you don’t approach the teacher but call the office if you have any information you require to pass on. Staff will supervise the children at drop off time to keep everyone safe and secure.

We are still not to have adults (other than Nursery drop off and pick up) in the grounds unless pre-arranged. We would ask that you avoid visiting the office but to call first.