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PSA Newsletter

The PSA sends out regular e-newsletters to parents and carers who’ve provided their email addresses. Please sign up here to receive all the latest news and updates straight to your inbox. You can view the archive of past e-newsletters here. Please get in touch by email if you have a query or suggestion.

Pre-loved uniform for sale

The PSA offers an extensive range of good quality, second-hand uniform for sale outside the music room beside Lost Property. You’ll find jumpers, cardigans, trousers, skirts, pinafores, jackets and gym kit priced from 50p. Please check the price list on display and pay at the office. All funds go to the PSA. Donations of good quality uniform items welcome – please hand your donation to the office.

Lost property and labelling

The PSA also helps to look after the Lost Property shelf, located outside the music room. If your child is missing something, please check Lost Property promptly as we clear it fortnightly. All unlabelled uniform items are washed and resold in the pre-loved uniform display. Please ensure all uniform items are labelled. The PSA has teamed up with for affordable stick-on name labels (suitable for clothing, shoes, lunch boxes, bags etc) as well as iron-on labels. The PSA receives up to 30% commission on every order that quotes our school reference number 24527. So order from quoting 24527 and help raise funds while keeping your child’s things safe.


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