Charitable Trust News & Events


Christmas is nearly upon us and since our last charitable trust meeting we have been busy getting funds available for the refurbishment of the Sunshine Room which we now hope work will start in April 2016.

We are also aware that we would like to have some more new members to the group.  Meetings are only 2 or 3 a year with some work inbetween!  A couple of our group have indicated that when their children leave Wardie in the next year that they will probably stand down.  So please get in touch even if you just want some more information about the work we do.




The date of the next Charitable Trust meeting is Tuesday 17th November 7.30 p.m. in the meeting room upstairs in the school.  All are welcome.  The agenda is on our WCT Minutes page.

We are particularly keen to get along a new parent or carer from the nursery and/or from the new P1 intake but please don’t let that put you off if you are interested in the work of being a trustee!  Come along and find out more!



Following on from the AGM last night the dates of the next WCT meetings for the year have been put on our meetings page.  We are keen to get a new Trustee who has a child attending the school nursery so if you are interested or want to learn more about the role please contact us.



WCT has been successful in obtaining a grant of £500 from the John Watson’s Trust to purchase a personal laptop for a Wardie pupil with significant additional support needs.


The WCT does not only apply for grants.  The trustees are always on the look out for other ways of helping the school’s resources.  We recently spotted one on the National Book Tokens website – a chance to win £5,000 in book tokens for the school!   Basically the more people who apply the more chances the school has of winning money for books. If all parents could do it that would be great, and if it could be passed around to others too (staff, friends etc) even better.  You will be added to a list for National Book Tokens promotional material but hopefully you can cope with that!


The Trustees are currently undertaking applying for various grants to assist in securing funds for;

1. The Sunshine Room refurbishment; and

2. The purchase of specialised equipment

Another update is that WCT is working on getting more reading resources for the class libraries.  This should make each classroom a really book friendly place for every child.