Our Staff

Head Teacher

Drawing of Head Teacher, Mrs Nieminska,

Mrs Jane Nieminska

Deputy Head Teachers

Miss Karen Taylor          Mrs Susan Leach

Principal Teachers

Mrs Nikki Craig
Ms Victoria Fair

Nursery Staff

Mrs Nikki Craig – Nursery Teacher

Mrs Jennifer Wood – Early Years Officer

  Ms Sarah Blakeley – Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Ania Rekowska – Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Elspeth Fleming – Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Elaine Cornall (am)/ Miss Bronwen Tuohy (pm) – Pupil Support Assts.

Class Teachers

P1C – Mrs Jane Curr

P1H – Mrs Rosie Hunter & Mrs Paula Hartley (Job Share)

P1M – Miss Fiona Marjoribanks

P1S – Mrs Charlotte Satterthwaite

P2C – Mrs Rebecca Crovetti & Mrs Fiona Good (Job Share)

P2J – Miss Hannah Jones (Probationer), Mrs Veronica Lussier providing cover 1 day per week

P2N – Mrs Aurelie Norman

P3K – Ms Madeliene Kassime

P3P – Mrs Alison Paterson, Mrs Sarah Matthews & Miss Karen Taylor

P3W – Mrs Karen Whyte

P4A – Mrs Kate Newell & Mrs Leigh Anderson (Job Share)

P4M – Miss Emily McFarland (Probationer), Miss Linn Kent providing cover 1 day per week

P4R – Miss Chloe Ravaglia

P5G – Mrs Sarah Guy

P5H – Mr Steven Harrison

P5F – Ms Victoria Fair

P6K – Miss Kirsty Kyles

P6L – Mr Peter Little

P7O – Mrs Sue Brotchie & Mrs Vicki Dixon (Job Share)

P7S – Miss Rachel Armstrong

Support for Learning

Miss Fiona Shivas

Mrs Carolyn Inglis

Music Specialists

Mr Jamie Craighead

Mr Gergely Horvarth (Strings)

Mr Dave Calpin (Brass)

Mr T Morgan (Woodwind)

P.E. Specialists

Miss Nicky Wheatley

Mrs Lorna Ramm

Spanish and French Specialist

Mrs Fiona Good

Art Specialist

Mrs Fiona Shivas

Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs Jackie Allan

Mrs Elaine Cornall

Ms Sue Donnelly

Ms Pam Fisher

Mrs Elaine McIntosh

Mrs Gillian Reilly

Mrs Gillian Styles

Mrs Kim Tidy

Miss Bronwen Tuohy

Mrs Gwen Waggott

Mrs Lesley Watson

Mrs Linda Young

Office Staff

Mrs Fanette Genais (Business Manager)

Ms Claire Colquhoun

Mr Kenneth Walsh

Mrs Janet Wight

Service Support Officer

Ms Lisa Golabek