Leavers Party 2016

Primary 7 attended their long awaited leavers dance on Friday 24th June.  The theme this year was Holywood (a.k.a. Wardiewood) and all the children came suitably dressed in their finery: boys in kilts or tuxes and the girls in a wonderful array of party outfits. They looked fabulous. It really could have been a night at the Oscars!

The evening started with photo shoots on the red carpet followed by drinks in the central garden.

The children were then piped through to the dance hall where the party got off to a swing with a selection of popular Scottish dances.

Right on cue at 7.30 the food arrived and we adjourned to an unrecognisable dining hall for our meal and refreshments. What a fantastic makeover had been performed on the place!

Food devoured, the children headed back to the hall for more dancing but this time to music with a disco beat. Wow, there were some wonderful moves taking place on that dance floor! What a night, what a ball!

This fantastic event could not have taken place if it weren’t for an amazing band of parents, guardians, helpers and teachers working away tirelessly in the background creating a venue fit for the stars! Thank you so much for all your hard work, you made our night. 😃

Group of party helpers dressed up in silly clothes
Some of our helpers having a well deserved (if mad) break!

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