Wardie works with Children’s Parliament

On Thursday 16th June, Wardie hosted a Children’s Parliament Gathering. Throughout 2016 Children’s Parliament will be working with children across 8 different schools in Edinburgh as they explore what children need to be healthy, happy and safe at home, school and in the community. This event allowed children from 4 different schools to come together to share their work and ideas as part of their project to investigate bullying.

All of the pupils took part in a range of activities to share all of the invaluable work that they have conducted within each of their schools. Pupils have worked hard to create engaging and thought provoking posters to share their views on bullying. Please see some of their fantastic work below.

Here is our wonderful Children’s Parliament group from Primary 6.

Wardie's Children's Parliament group in front of their wonderful work.
Wardie Children’s Parliament group in front of their wonderful work.
Photo showing the different posters that were created by the Wardie children.
Some of the wonderful, creative posters that our Wardie children created. What important words can you pick out?
Posters from another school. One poster reads "Adults listen up!"
Here are some posters from another school. One of their posters encourages adults to listen up.

To find out more and to comment on our Wardie Children’s Parliament Blog, please visit this link… https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/glowblogs/cpinvestigates/wardie-primary-school/

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