“Everything That Gives Off Light” workshop

Primary Seven were lucky enough to experience the “Everything That Gives Off Light” workshop. A fun experience filled with science and art!

Firstly we discussed things that give off light for instance the sun, lights, vehicles and fireworks.

Then we each chose a word related to light that also describes ourselves. We used our word to make mesostic poems. In a mesostic poem a chosen word is placed vertically through the poem.

Next the workshop leader told us about a piece of art that is being created for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It will be made from lots of yellow models of people all in different poses. The people represent light and each model is being specially made by a student in Edinburgh. Then… wait for it … everyone in P7 got to paint their own little people which will be displayed as part of this exciting art work!

Finally we made collages in whatever creative way we wanted. They show a source of light and some feature outlines of the little models we painted.

You can see the yellow people we made outside the Scottish Parliament during the festival in August.

P7 ETGoLight 1Pupils starting work on the yellow figures.Lots of yellow figures!

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