Wardie Sports Day 2016

We held our school sports day last Tuesday and I’m pleased to say the weather was very kind to us. Although the day started off rather grey, it gradually improved and the sun eventually shone on all our mini athletes! The day was split into two sporting sessions, the morning for P4 – P7 and the afternoon for P1 – P3. There were five (aptly named!) events in total:

Mo Farrah’s Mini Marathon. Pupils could choose to walk, jog or run around the track………

Libby Clegg’s Paralympic Relay. Pupils had to work in two’s holding on to a “noodle” and go around, over and through an obstacle course……..

Andy Murray’s Tennis Challenge…….

Goldie Sayer’s Javelin Throw…….

Usain Bolt’s Sprint Finals. Children who had won their class heats competed for gold silver and bronze medals…….

In the majority of events the children were competing for their school house with the following results:

P1 – P3

1st -Netherby

2nd – Granton

3rd – Boswall

4th – Afton

P4 – P7

1st – Netherby

2nd – Boswall

3rd – Afton

4th – Granton

Thank you to all the supporters who came along to cheer us on and to the pupils from Trinity Academy who oversaw each event.  A special thanks also to Ms. Nicky Wheatley for organising the whole day. What a grand job you did!

Well done to everyone who took part, you made it a great day!

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