P5 Masterclasses

masterclass hat

Primary 5 recently enjoyed a whole day of masterclasses.  Their normal subjects were replaced by a variety of classes hosted by a wonderful band of parents, students & helpers who coached the children in a wide range of exciting activities. All of these are featured in our Masterclass collages shown below so please take a look.

Collage of Tae Kwon Do photosIn Tae Kwon Do we practised a number of self defence moves, aided not only by Mr. McGowan but our very own expert, Jon (P5?) who has been taking lessons in this martial art since the age of 4!

Collage of Sewing photosIn sewing we created heart cushions. It took a lot of concentration and fine needle skills but we really enjoyed it.

Collage of Rugby photosIn rugby we started by working on our side steps to help us dodge a defender. We played lots of fun games and had a great morning.

Collage of Kilt Making photosIn kilt making we practiced the art of pleating. We were given lots of different tartans to choose from and everyone had a great time. “It was good fun but hard & challenging!” said Charlie Brewer (P5?).

Collage of Forensics photosIn forensics we investigated a crime scene. We recorded what we saw. Once we had put on our gloves we collected and tested different pieces of evidence. We discovered traces of blood and hairs and took shoe prints.

Collage of Basque Sports photosIn Basque games we played Sokatira (Tug of War), Txinga Eramatea (weight carrying), Lokotx Bilkela (strategic game played with sticks) and Zaku Lasterketa (sack race). All the games were fun but our favourite was Lokotx Bilkela, it was awesome!

Collage of Art photosIn art we made an artist book which showed lots of different ways of printing. We enjoyed making lots of different patterns with the paint.
Many, many thanks to our hosts as without them this day could not take place.

A special thanks also to Miss Kent for organising this brilliant event!


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