Wardie’s Vision & Values

We have recently reviewed our school vision and values with the whole school community.  It was a huge undertaking, and while we asked our families, people who visit our school to work with us, businesses and the wider community, we decided that our pupils were central to developing our vision and values.

We spent a whole day discussing this together and there was a very purposeful atmosphere in the school. We took part in assemblies, house meetings and class activities to discuss our views. Mrs Nieminska had recorded three missions for the children to complete and these were shown at different points during the day.

Mission 1 was to identify the strengths of Wardie.

The top 5 strengths for Wardie as generated by the pupils were:

V&V (4)

Mission 2 was to think about our vision for Wardie by finishing the sentence,

‘We want Wardie to be a school where…’

Some key themes emerged from this. Pupils wanted to feel safe and be healthy, in a school free from bullying and to be engaged in lots of high quality, creative learning opportunities which use our beautiful outdoor spaces.

Mission 3 was to look at the most important values. Meeting in our houses, pupils rated the following values most highly:

· Safe / Fairness and equality

· Respectful

· Healthy and active

· Achieving / nurturing

· Co-operative

In the evening, families and the community were invited to contribute at workshops to share their views.

Finally, at the In-Service Day, all the staff looked at all the contributions we had had and created a vision statement and agreed some key values. We have our vision and values in draft and will spend the next few weeks finalising them and thinking of the most appropriate way to present them to our pupils, families and community. Let us know if you have any ideas of how to do this.

A huge thanks to everyone who contributed to our discussions.

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