Outdoor Art Exhibition

Wardie recently took up the challenge to create and host it’s own outdoor art exhibition.  The task we were given, from Jupiter Artland, was to create outdoor exhibits and display them in the wooded areas of our playground.

Fuelled with enthusiasm  and inspiration from our recent involvement in a number of artistic projects and workshops (including our Jupiter Artland trips of course!) our staff and pupils embraced the challenge!  As you can see from our slideshow the results were truly amazing!

On Thursday the 28th of April the day of our exhibition finally dawned and invited guests and pupils from every class were given a tour around the exhibits, parents were also given the opportunity to take a tour at the end of the school day.  We think it’s fair to say that everyone who saw it thought it was absolutely fantastic and were amazed at the amount of hard work that had gone into it.

Here are some comments from our visitors………..

“The creativity and imagination found in every display was outstanding and the results so beautiful.”

Helena Barrett
Learning and Engagement Coordinator
Edinburgh Art Festival

“Just wanted to say well done to everyone for putting together such an amazing outdoor art experience today..I thought it was so amazing..I was really moved by all the beautiful work and all the wonderful ideas.”

Emma Sullivan
(parent of Sandy, P2M)


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