P4 Girls Thinking Day at St. George’s

Primary 4 girls recently spent a day at St. George’s school. The day was all about thinking skills and the different ways they could use their brains. Throughout the whole day the girls were in groups and worked with the P4 girls from St Georges.

They were presented with a number of challenges including Build a Bridge and the Egg Challenge.

In Build a Bridge the girls had a selection of resources to build a bridge that would span a certain distance and allow a toy car to successfully travel over it. All the girls successfully constructed a bridge using various different methods and ideas. At the end of the challenge the bridges were tested to see how much weight they could support. In one of the pictures below you’ll see a bridge that managed to support 1200g, all the others only managed 100g!

In the egg challenge the groups were again given a selection of resources and tasked with making a landing device that would support the egg when it was dropped from a height. The girls managed to create devices that saved the most eggs! Out of all the activities this was the favourite of the day.

Working well with the P4 girls from St George’s our pupils managed to come up with various creative ideas on all the tasks they were presented with. In fact the whole day was over flowing with creativity! As you can see from the pictures we were also helped along with some fantastic weather as well!

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