Seeds from Space!

British astronaut Tim Peake recently asked school children to help him with one of his scientific experiments.  He wanted pupils to plant rocket seeds that have been in orbit with him, and compare their growth with rocket plants that have stayed on Earth.  The study, being run by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and the UK Space Agency, will help find ways to grow food in space which will be essential if humans travel to distant planets.  The massed experiment, called Rocket Science, could help researchers to develop hardier varieties of crops to be grown in space.

Here at Wardie we were delighted to answer Tim’s call for help and this week Primaries 1 & 2 have been busy planting Tim’s seeds from space.  The seeds were delivered to us in two differently coloured bags, one containing “space” seeds and the other “earth” seeds. The exciting thing is that we don’t know which seeds are which, only the RHS know that at present!

The children had great fun planting the seeds and many of the pupils have written thank you letters to Tim Peake telling him how much they’ve enjoyed the experience and predicting what the rocket plants may look like once fully grown.

Once the project is completed and all the data has been collected by the RHS they’ll report back to us and let us know their findings.

In the meantime our pupils are looking forward to watching their rocket plants grow and grow and grow!



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P.S.  We’re sending the children’s letters care of the UK Space Agency as we don’t think the Post Office deliver to space stations!

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