Living Eggs – Day 8

Last week we ran a competition asking pupils to come up with names for our chicks in school.  We had a great response and the winning entries have now been chosen and our chicks have been named.  Each chick is featured in our screenshow below.  Please take a look, we think you’ll be impressed with the choice of names!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In some of the pictures you may have noticed that the chicks head’s have a coloured mark on them.  We’re using a colour coded system to keep track of who’s who.  Details of this are displayed on a handy chart that the pupil council created for us……

Chick names and colours

The first column shows the sex of the chick, black for girls and yellow for boys.  Column two shows the colour that’s been allocated to each chick along with their name in column three.  The last two columns show the names and classes of the pupils who submitted the winning entries.


Over in the nursery we had a bit of sad news this morning.  One of our chicks passed away at the weekend and another was showing signs of illness and has gone back to the Living Eggs team to be cared for there.  However, on a happier note, the remaining seven chicks are looking great and are full of beans.  Take a look……..

Haven’t they grown?!!!



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