Living Eggs – Day 5

All the eggs have hatched and all 18 chicks are now in the brooding boxes.  We know whether they’re boy or girl chicks by the colour of their feathers, brown for female and yellow for male. In the nursery we have 3 female and 6 male chicks.  Have a look at this short video clip to see if you can make them out……..

Warning: This video contains loud nursery noise!

In school we have 6 female and 3 male chicks……….

Our chicks in school had their breeding box cleaned out for the first time today.  This important task was carried out by Mrs Pearston, 2 chairpersons and some P2 members of the pupil council and a couple of lucky passers by!

Samuel commented afterwards “That chick was lovely.  It was soft, warm and it liked me!”

The chicks are being looked after by Mrs Pearston (school chicks) and Mrs Rekowska (nursery chicks) this weekend.  We look forward to seeing them back in school on Monday.



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