Living Eggs – Day 2

Classes have been visiting the eggs today. 

Class Teacher and pupils viewing and discussing the Living Eggs.



This picture shows Mrs Norman and her P2/1N pupils viewing and discussing information about the eggs.  They talked about the incubator, and what to expect over the next few days.  All classes are being given the opportunity to visit the eggs at least once a day.




Pupil Council reps have also been topping up the water in the incubators.

 4 members of pupil council changing the water in the incubator.

Here is a picture of our P6 and P7 Pupil Council reps topping up the water in the Nursery incubator.  We need to top the water up twice a day to make sure that the incubator is humid enough for the chicks to hatch.  We also have to check that the temperature is 37.7.  The Pupil Council reps are taking their jobs very seriously and being very responsible.  Well done!

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