Generation Science Workshops

The whole school have recently been treated to a variety of workshops from Generation Science. Classes have had a hands on opportunity to learn about a range of science topics including: space; solids, liquids and gases; energy; sound and much more!

Pupils have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, learning lots whilst having fun too! Primary 6 pupils experienced a planetarium where they learnt all about our solar system – it was amazing!

Here are some pupil comments about the workshop:

“The Space Base workshop was great as we learnt lots about the solar system, how it works and information about all the different planets.”

“Space Base was quite cool because when we were inside we learnt lots about the Hubble Telescope, the heliocentric and geocentric models of the solar system and much more!”

“I think Space Base was my favourite as we got to go inside this really cool dome and learn lots of information whilst having lots of fun!”

Primary 6 and 7 had a workshop called Good Vibrations where they learnt about sound and how it travels.

Look below to see photos from our various workshops, don’t they look fun?

Here are some photos of Primary 1 who really enjoyed being scientists wearing goggles and aprons and conducting experiments!

Primary 2/1 went along to Ella’s Wobble where they went on a rhyming journey into the wonderful world of sound. Here are some photos of their workshop, they had so much fun!

All of the pupils really had a fantastic time learning about all things science in a fun, exciting and interesting way! Thanks Generation Science!



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