Edinburgh Art College students visit Wardie

Edinburgh Art College students visited Wardie this week to work on an illustrator task with pupils in P2/1N & P2M.  The children were tasked with creating their own superhero, planning what their superhero would look like and what powers they would have.  Then they were asked to come up with a suitable setting for their superhero to appear in.  Once the planning stage was complete the children started to draw their characters.  Here are a few pictures of P2/1N at work:-

EAC student and pupils planning their superheros
EAC student & pupil planning how to draw a superheroe
more planning………
EAC student & pupil planning how to draw a superhero
creative thoughts
EAC student & pupils planning and drawing superheroes
pen (pencil!) to paper
EAC students helping pupils to draw superheroes
and we’re off!



Next week the students will be returning for a second workshop where they’ll be helping the children to finish their superhero creations.  We’ll be featuring the finished articles from both classes in a follow up post next week.  Watch this space…..



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