Whoops-a-daisy Angel

Primary 1 performed Whoops-a-daisy Angel for the nativity this year. The nativity is based upon a clumsy angel who is given the very important job of informing people about the birth of Jesus. All of the pupils and teachers spent lots of time rehearsing very hard for their nativity. Their hard work paid off during their performances when they wowed the audience!


Every single Primary 1 pupil did a fantastic job! The narrators read clearly and with enthusiasm, the orchestra played their instruments wonderfully, the choir sang beautifully and the actors played the characters perfectly! Well done Primary 1 and well done to your teachers too!

Here are more photos of the Primary 1 pupils from the nativity.

The Chorus
The 3 Shepards
The 3 Wise Men
Mary, Joseph and the donkey
The Orchestra
Whoops-a-daisy Angel


The Angels

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